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Remote maintenance support, also known as 'online support', allows us to remotely view your computer screen and securely fix most computer and network problems right through the Internet! In fact, it's like watching your computer fix itself! This type of computer support works through 'desktop sharing' technology. What this means is that when you log in to the secure online support center, you can allow a CSS Inc. technical support representative to view and interact with your computer remotely via the Web - fixing problems fast.

By allowing a remote support technician to access your local computer through the Internet they are able to fix your computer directly. You can simply sit back and watch. Or, you can work on something else while the technician is fixing your computer. Remote PC support is a simple, convenient and, best of all, it's 'hands-free'.

The fatest turnaround time!

In addition, you are in control the whole time. Only you can initiate a remote support session and you can end a session by simply closing the support window on your desktop. During your online session you will see how our technician is using your cursor to locate and fix problems. At any time you can over-ride mouse control by simply moving your mouse. So what are you waiting for? Call now!

Interested in Remote Maintenance Support? Call 815-273-4859 to get started today!
"Couldn't believe it was so easy! Problem fixed and was back to work in a matter of minutes. Thanks so much!"
- Angela K., Dubuque, IA