Does it seem like your computer has a life of its own?


Viruses and spyware are the two biggest contributers of a computer failure. They can cause your computer to freeze, constantly reboot, and not start up at all. Lack of removal may lead to sharing your personal information with strangers and ultimately a non-functioning computer.

At CSS Inc. we make sure your system is cleared of all infectections as well as close any security risks that may cause the problem to show up again. We will configure anti-virus software as well as install other preventative measures to insure your problem is fixed the first time!

Get your system cleared the first time!

So, if you are looking for local, knowledgeable virus help or protection from spyware, we will ensure your computer is protected against these malicious threats. Your computer will be automated to be secure and updated against future problems. Meaning you no longer have to worry!

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"Computer is running good as new! Thanks so much!"
- Chad G., Preston, IA